Nonna Spoon(s)

Nonna Spoon(s)


My Italian grandmother ( Nonna ) had a long wooden spoon to stir her soups and pasta sauces, and she could not imagine her kitchen without it. So here is a re-creation. But wait, there’s more! Inspired by that, this second long spoon goes one step further, with a scraper ‘wing’ so you can stir right to the bottom corner of your pot. The set is completed with a long paddle, perfect for sauté’ pans.  Cook like my Nonna!

Presented in Beech so there is no danger of scratching your non-stick cookware. Hand made ( no two exactly alike ) and hand sanded to a silky finish.

Each 14.5” long x 1.75” wide. $25 for each individually, or $65 for the set of three.


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